About Us

Meet the Owner

Hello, my name is Briana! Some may know me as Umm Min'haa or Zahira. I am a mother to two beautiful little girls. They are one of the main reasons why I am so adamant about self care. In 2018, I gave birth to my first child. I dealt with a difficult postpartum period and struggled with adjusting to having a changing body. While the joys of motherhood are so fulfilling, I needed some way to feel beautiful within myself. There were so many things happening at once, from my child being severely sick for the first 6 months of her life to critical life changes and so much more. In the midst of juggling all that, I somewhat lost myself. I stopped doing things that were strictly to make myself happy and never had the time or “want” to do something for myself. I had always been a lover of waist beads but i didn’t feel much of a connection wearing strands that weren’t made with me (or someone like me) in mind. I needed something that not only made me feel beautiful, but reminded me to reflect, care and love on myself. That's when my self care journey with waist beads began.

I began to create waist beads for myself and close friends as a way to remind ourselves that we are beautiful and enough. Fast forward to today, my waist beads that I make and wear are a reminder to be conscious of myself, to NEVER forget myself, and to be gracefully me.
I seek to offer that same feeling for you. Whatever your reason or whatever reminder for yourself or intention you have set when you wear your waist beads, I hope that it serves its purpose and allows you to constantly be mindful of yourself.

Our Mission:

Charmed by Z creates quality handmade adornments and self care essentials in hopes to promote self care, self love, confidence and empowerment in oneself no matter the shape or size. 

How do our products promote self care?

When you purchase an adornment from Charmed by Z, your order comes with an affirmation card as a simple reminder to yourself. I encourage everyone to speak positive to themselves and affirm all good things. When you tie on your waist bead or put on your adornment, I encourage you to set an intention and use that adornment as a reminder of that intention to fulfill it. For instance, with each of my waist beads that I tie on myself, I set an intention like, "I am going to make more time for myself each day". An affirmation that I like to set is "I will be kind to myself in my harder moments". So set whatever intention or affirmation you choose for yourself!